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Maui Mini Aloha

Roosters & Chickens Vintage

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Wild roosters and chickens – both the bane and charm of our islands.  Cock Fighting was introduced to the Islands in plantation days by the Filipinos and Chinese.  Gambling was popular along with it, and although gambling & cock-fighting are now illegal, the cocks escaped to breed and run wild all over the islands. 

Fabric design is carefully cut to insure spotlighting a chicken or rooster, as is position and size of lei.  Trust us to make a perfect selection for you!

Quantities are limited.

All shirts come with both hanging cord and back magnet for optional display.

These are each hand-made and there will be slight variations in size.  The fabrics are also cut randomly so there will be slight pattern variations in the same batch. Each shirt is a work of art, carefully crafted to its best effect. 

Disclaimer:  These shirts are decorative items only and not meant as a child's toy.  Keep away from children under 6 years, as small parts can become a choking hazard. As cute as the tiny ukulele strings are, little fingers can break them.

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