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Maui Mini Aloha

Rice Sack Vintage Shirts

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Here’s a blast from the past when old rice sacks were used for clothing, especially surf shorts! Rice was shipped to Hawaii in fabric rice sacks with the company logo printed on it. The Island territory wasted nothing, and the fabric was made into clothing.

Specific names in rice sack are : Higashi, Nomura, Tsuru & Yamato.  Also: Kona, Honolulu, Calrose Rice, Burlingame,California, TriStar

Note: Fabric cuts are random and may not be exactly as shown. We work our best to insure a great-looking shirt with as many words and pictures as possible.

All shirts come with both hanging cord and back magnet for optional display.

These are each hand-made and there will be slight variations in size.  The fabrics are also cut randomly so there will be slight pattern variations in the same batch. Each shirt is a work of art, carefully crafted to its best effect. 

Disclaimer:  These shirts are decorative items only and not meant as a child's toy.  Keep away from children under 6 years, as small parts can become a choking hazard. As cute as the tiny ukulele strings are, little fingers can break them.

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