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How We Got Started

 I am a quilter who accidentally started a business with mini aloha shirts.   Here I am, putting the finishing touches to the little aloha shirts I create.  Born & raised in Hawaii, I’ve always had a heart for local things.  These handmade-on-Maui memory shirts are popular year-round with both visitors and local residents alike! 

These boutique-quality shirts are unique, totally hand-made in my home. It takes 20 minutes per shirt. So far, we've made over 14,421 shirts - June 2019).  It's a lot of fun decorating them with lei, and mini wooden additions of turtle, paddle, ukulele or the “I {heart} Maui” button.  Wedding shirts have a white dove or “Just Maui’d” button on them. Coconut shell buttons are hand-sewn on each shirt, and a tiny collar label says “Maui” or “Hawaii”.  Each comes with a cord and magnet for optional display.   The shirt cord can also slip over the neck of a wine bottle, making your hostess gift a lasting memory.   Great attention to detail!

These are shirts to commemorate your Hawaii memories. You will find these boutique-quality shirts in Maui’s nicest gift shops. Giftable, mailable, these light-weight & easily packed shirts bring back Happy Hawaii memories!    

So from my Pukalani dining room table to you … 
made with aloha!