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ALOHA OI and MAHALO for your business over these 5 years

Mahalo nui for your interest in Maui Mini Aloha shirts.

I must bid you all Aloha Oi, as Covid has closed my shop permanently. I have also had to retire and leave the beautiful isles of Hawaii for another adventure in my life. 

Mahalo nui, for your interest and support of this little business which grew from a shoebox, into what it had become in February 2019.  Covid has changed many of our lives. This is mine. I wish you all the very best in Life.

From my vantage point of almost 75 years, I know that God is real - and active in our lives & the world today.  His faithfulness and love are true. However this world of ours ends, I know where I will abide Forever. May you know that joy & confidence, too. 

May the Lord's love surround you, protect you, and give you peace and joy. May you have His Grace to go through the shadowed times, knowing He is close; come out into the sunshine times with great joy!

ALoha, Penny - the little shirtmaker