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Birdless Birdhouse
Maui Mini Aloha

Birdless Birdhouse

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Birdless Birdhouses, rustic & totally handmade with love !  These are too pretty to let birds use them (tho you can if you want to).  They are designed to hang under your patio or eves or sit on a patio table or wall, bringing you a smile every day.

 The doors all open to find treasures inside, and the eyeholes are screened shut.  An eyelet on the top provides sturdy hanging with as s-hook and chain (you provide).  A hook on the back allows for hanging on a wall for optional display.  

Each is about 16" high x 11.5" wide and 6" deep. They each weigh less than five pounds.  Made of wood, aluminum and misc. hinges, latches and appropriate findings. 

Custom orders entertained.  

This is the Bluebird of happiness. 

This is the Cheery Cardinal

Here's the sassy mynah bird!  

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